Global Day of Prayer in Minnesota

Pray for the world's people groups right here in Minnesota.

Where is one of the closest places to worship with Sudanese Christians?

Sudan - Forest Lake, MN - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Anoka, MN - Omaha, Nebraska

There are Sudanese churches in Anoka and Fridley and a few other areas in Minnesota. Several Sudanese have settled in Sioux Falls and down the road in Omaha.

Many of the Sudanese came here escaping from violence and other challenging circumstances. Establishing themselves here has also had its challenges. In some cases there is family separation with loved ones still back in Sudan. The Darfur region of Sudan has well-publicized conflict. But it can be difficult to be a Christian in other areas of the country as well.

Pray for these Sudanese Christians and churches.

Pray for the faith and trust in God that is required to have any sense of peace and joy while loved ones back in Sudan are in danger.

Pray for the Christians and Christian workers in Sudan.

From which country were the most immigrants to Minnesota in 2002?

Mexico, Russia, Somalia, Canada, Sudan, Thailand, or Laos?


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