Global Day of Prayer in Minnesota

Pray for the world's people groups right here in Minnesota.

Muslim ManWhat activity is practiced by most Muslims five times per day?

Muslims pray facing Mecca five times per day. In predominantly Muslim communities, there are loud calls to prayer heard throughout the city at the designated times.

How often do us Christians stop our activities for a time of concentrated prayer?

Pray for God's help in setting aside times of prayer throughout our week.

Pray for the billion Muslims that only know Isa (Jesus) as a great teacher.

Pray for the workers who are building relationships and demonstrating the love of Jesus in areas where evangelism is difficult and sometimes illegal.

Pray for a proper response in prayer or words or action as dying churches in the Twin Cities have their buildings turned into mosques to serve the new community.

What language is spoken at Ethiopian churches in the Twin Cities?

Arabic, Oromo, Tigrinya, English, or Amharic?


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