Global Day of Prayer in Minnesota

Pray for the world's people groups right here in Minnesota.

How many churches in Minnesota primarily use a language other than English?
(excluding traditional Catholic Latin and Greek Orthodox)

There are at least 90 churches speaking 17 other languages. Most are in the Twin Cities area. But there are several scattered around the state.

If you wish to visit one of these churches, a few also have English services or parts of the message will be in English so young people and visitors can understand. You might get to use a bilingual hymnal too!

See the Ethnic Church Directory for more details.

Pray for these churches. Many are still young with very limited resources. Pray about the distraction of capitalism and "the American Dream" when it conflicts with or competes with their spiritual growth.

Pray that the believers will reach out to other ethnic groups, including European-Americans.

Pray about how you might have a role in helping us be a multicultural church body across the state.

Where is one of the closest places to worship with Sudanese Christians?

Sudan - Forest Lake, MN - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Anoka, MN - Omaha, Nebraska


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